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4 Tips for Marketing Events That Will Transform Your Online Business

It’s safe to say that marketing isn’t a new segment of the online market anymore.

Lately, more and more attention is being paid to one specific segment of the marketing strategy –  marketing events. The focus is being shifted mainly because of the benefits it has shown to have in developing a business, especially the online businesses, as marketing is their prime way to get themselves noticed.  Mostly used practices for marketing events are the following:


With social media taking over the world basically, many new terms and marketing tactics appeared. One of them are influencers – people who have made a name for themselves as specialists in certain niches which are mostly promoted on the internet. Many people seek for their advice when it comes to online stores and businesses, and involve themselves in events the influencers promote, so what you can do is contact these individuals and hire them to spread the word in your stead.

Make sure the influencers you contact to talk about a subject relevant to your online business. If you want to reach out to your target audience, you will need someone who is relevant to the type of event you want to organize. Having a food influencer share a debating event wouldn’t bring the traffic to the event, as debating influencers would bring.

2.Colleagues and businesses alike

Working on the online market will create a few useful contacts for you. When promoting an event, ask notable bloggers, promoters or other online business owners you cooperate with to give you a hand by sharing your event on social media or simply place a link to your event on their website. This will bring more attention to your event and more sharing, which in the end will bring you more attendees.

Another thing you can do additionally is inviting these notable people to attend the event you will host to increase the interest for the event and bring in more visitors. Yes, a great deal of the visitors will originally come because of the other online stores, but it doesn’t change the fact that it is a great opportunity to get yourself promoted to an audience outside your current one.




3.Social media

Social media marketing is today’s leader when it comes to marketing strategies. A lot of our lives takes part online, creating countless marketing opportunities, as well as platforms where you can place the advertisement for your event. Every platform has its own unique audience and interactions, which provides you with a chance to tailor your event marketing strategy to the audience you are presenting it to.

Try to create virality for your event – come up with something that will make people want to share it with their friends or family. Create a special hashtag for your event or use a hashtag that is already viral. Selling online is all about creating a buzz around your online store, and if you manage to make your event go viral on social media, the work is half done for you.

4.Make a lasting impression

Once you’ve organized your event, you should plan out how to get people to remember it and tell others about it I order for the next even to be more successful than the previous. Think of a creative way to get your message across, and do something that will make your event stand out from the other events that your audience usually attends.

If the event is a person-to-person one, you can hand out souvenirs to your loyal customer that will attend the event. Make the souvenirs personal to show your appreciation for your clients and thank them for the support they give to you and your online business.

The success of the events you organize can be the stepping stone to success for your online business, so plan them out with care and always think of the customers and what they expect from your business.

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